Santa and grinch cake decorating

Santa and the Grinch Decorated Cookies

Today I’m sharing with you how I made two of the more popular sellers at the Artisan’s show.  Children and adults alike had special smiles for these two decorated images.

Santa and grinch cake decorating

Before I get into the tutorial, I want to thank Thyjuan of Inspirations by Thyjuan for the excellent Grinch cookie that she did freehand and posted on New Year’s Eve 2010.  It was her cookies that inspired me to do the Grinch this year, but with the help of my Kopykake.

So, once I had piped and flooded the cookies in white and sized my Grinch image for my cookies, I used an edible marker to trace it and then outlined the image with black piping icing.

Next I used yellow flood icing to do the eyes and then added a dot of red piping icing to finish them off.

The hats were then flooded in red, the hat rims in white and the faces in dark green flood icing.  the cookies were then left to dry completely overnight.

Once dry, a black edible marker was used to draw in the face detail.  White sanding sugar was shaken over small amount of clear corn syrup that had been brushed over the hat rim.

For the Santas I used my Kopykake to trace the image with edible marker.  Black piping icing was then applied over the trace lines.

Red flood icing was used to fill in the hats.

Next I flooded the faces with tan flood icing.

White flood icing was used to fill in the remainder of the hats, the eyebrows and sideburns, the moustaches and the beards.  Again, the cookies were left to dry overnight before using black, red and brown edible markers to complete the facial and mouth details.  White sanding sugar was applied to the pom-poms of the hats.

Fun cookies to make!  How are you feeling about Christmas this year?  Are you like him…

or feeling more like this happy fellow…

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